Professionelle Corona Test Kits von AlphaMetrix

Sure Fish Probes
Agilent SureFISH Probes[more]
Cyto Zyme
CytoZyme Stablilized Pepsin[more]
Cyto Bond
CytoBond™ Removable Coverslip Sealant*[more]

Most Wanted
CytoBrite WorkflowCytoBrite Workflow
MicroFISH SlidesMicroFISH Slides
Cyto BondCyto Bond
Metaphase Arresting SolutionMetaphase Arresting Solution
Anticlotting ReagentAnticlotting Reagent
MetaPrep Slide PreparationMetaPrep Slide Preparation
ProCell ReagentsProCell Reagents
Hybridization IncubatorsHybridization Incubators
Automatic Staining and WashingAutomatic Staining and Washing
In CultureIn Culture