The TV400-DGGE Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis System

The TV400-DGGE denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis system is a cost-effective solution for researchers studying mutations and DNA polymorphisms critical in disease aetiology and genetic diversity. Designed primarily for parallel denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE), where electrophoresis and the denaturing gradient run in the same direction, the TV400-DGGE has a maximum 96-sample throughput compatible with standard microplates and thermal cycler blocks. A 100ml gradient mixer is also included to pour gradient gels using our newly designed gel-running module and cam-caster, while a 400W heater, regulated by an external temperature control unit connected to a heat sensor within the gel tank, allows the gel temperature to be set to the predetermined melting temperature (Tm) of the PCR®-amplified DNA polymorphism or mutation of interest.

400W heating element - manually controlled by a temperature control unit connected to a PT100 heat sensor - enables the gel and buffer temperature to be set in 1°C increments to a predetermined Tm, to a maximum 70°

Maximum 96-sample throughput using two 48-sample combs - allows samples to be transferred quickly and easily to the each gel from standard 96-well microplates or thermal cycler blocks
Large format 20.5 x 20cm glass plates allow gradient gels to be poured containing wider ranges of denaturant concentration, maximising sensitivity and resolution
100ml gradient mixer used with the new-style TV400-GRM and casting base to make two 1mm parallel denaturing gradient gels
Formamide, urea and acrylamide available to pour denaturing gradient gels - contact
Can also be adapted for constant denaturing gel electrophoresis (CDGE) if the denaturant concentration required for partial melting of the DANN target sequence is already known

Ordering Information

Complete System

Twin-plate maxi-gel unit with GRM, heated gel tank with PT100 temperature sensor and thermometer, lid, 2 x (20.5 x 20cm; W x H) plain glass plates, 2 x (20.5 x 20cm) notched glass plates, 4 x 1mm spacers, 2 x spacer aligners and 2 x 1mm thick 24-sample combs, casting base, 2 x silicone seals and 1 x dummy plate; plus GM100 gradient mixer and heat sensor control unit TV400-DGGEplease contact us

Replacement Parts & Accessories

1 x TV400 gel-running module TV400-GRM895,00 €Add to your cart
2 x (20.5 x 20cm) plain glass plates for TV400 TV400-PG60,00 €
2 x (20.5 x 20cm) notched glass plates for TV400 TV400-NG85,00 €Add to your cart
1 x dummy plate TV400-DP75,00 €
2 x 1mm thick spacers for TV400 TV400-S130,00 €Add to your cart
2 x spacer aligners for TV400 TV400-SA59,00 €
1 x cam-pin casting base with 2 silicone seals TV400-CB315,00 €Add to your cart
2 x silicone seals for cam-pin casting base TV400-CB-SEALSplease contact us
1 x 100ml gradient mixer GM100please contact us
1 x caster system for 2 x (20.5 x 20cm) gradient maxi-gels TV400-MC2890,00 €
2 x 0.2mm thick, platinum electrode wire PT-0.2128,00 €Add to your cart
2 x 1 metre power leads with shrouded 4mm power output connectors CABLE-4please contact us

Reagents & Chemicals

Technical Specification
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH)28.5x15x29cm
Inner Tank Dimensions (WxDxH)27x12.5x26cm
Plate Dimensions (WxHxT)20.5x20x0.4cm
Standard Spacer Dimensions (WxHxT)2x20x0.1cm
Active Gel Dimensions (W x H)16.5 x 17.5cm
Sample Capacity2 x 24
Recommended Buffer Volume
Inner Buffer Chamber700ml
Gel Tank4200ml
Recommended Running Conditions for Denaturing/Native PAGE Gel
Voltage175 - 225V
(8.75 - 11.25V/cm)
Current20 - 30mA
Time2.5 - 3.5h
Temperature Range Thermometer0 - 100°C
Power Output of Heating Element400W
Heating Element Dimensions (L x D)14 x 1.5cm
Operating Range of PT100 Temperature Sensor -50 to +200°C
PT100 Temperature Sensor Dimensions (L x D)14 x 0.3cm
Casting Base Silicone Seal Dimensions (WxLxH)1.7x22.5x0.8cm
Power Output Connectors (diameter)Shrouded, 4mm
Recommended Power SuppliesConsort EV243
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH)9.6x14x8cm
Recommended Temperature Control Range50 to 70°C
Temperature Control Accuracy +/-1°C

Order-NrThickness(mm)Sample ThroughputTooth Widt (mm)Tooth Height (mm)Max. Spacing (mm)Sample Volume
in a 5mm
Deep Weel (µl)
TV400-C1-24 (standard) 1 24 4.75 20 2 95 please contact us
TV400-C1-48 (optional) 1 48 2.35 20 1 47 please contact us
ORDERNR-MC = Multichannel pipette compatible
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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