HB-SET Mini-gel

The HB-SET battery mini-gel electrophoresis unit is designed specifically with safety and cost in mind: in that no power supply is necessary.

Low voltage 2 non-rechargeable PP3 batteries, providing a maximum 18-Volt output, make the HB-SET ideal for use in schools and colleges where safety is paramount
Integrated safety lid ensures that the gel remains inaccessible during use
UV-transparent acrylic for direct visualisation of the gel within the tank, limiting the user's exposure to hazardous ethidium bromide
Ultra-compact tank minimises the buffer volume required to cover the gel, providing optimal control over the voltage gradient and run-time
Small size allows safe and easy transportation from the bench to the transilluminator
Cost-effective no need for expensive power supplies, while built-in plastic casting gates allow direct gel casting in the tank without additional costly accessories

Ordering Information

Complete System

Horizontal mini-gel unit with built-in casting tray and 2 x 1mm thick, 8-sample combs and 2 x non-rechargeable PP3 batteriesHB-SET350,00 €

Replacement Parts & Accessories

2 x casting gatesHB-CGplease contact us

Technical Specification
Unit Dimensions (WxLxH)11 x 17 x 3.5cm
Gel Dimensions (WxL)6 x 7.5cm
Minimum Buffer Volume50ml
Maximum Sample Capacity32
Comb Thickness1mm
Comb Throughput8 to 12 samples
Comb Slots2
Migration Distance Between Comb Slots3.5cm
Running Voltage18V
Recommended Power Source2 x (9V) PP3 batteries

Order-NrThickness(mm)Sample ThroughputTooth Widt (mm)Tooth Height (mm)Max. Spacing (mm)Sample Volume
in a 5mm
Deep Weel (µl)
H2-C1-8185,25123please contact us
H2-C1-121123,5115please contact us
ORDERNR-MC = Multichannel pipette compatible
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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